Home Warranty Companies

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  • American Home Shield

    Back in 1971, there was no protection for homeowners from the inconvenience or cost of household breakdowns. We decided to do something about it – and founded the home warranty industry by creating American Home Shield®.

    Our goal is to empower homeowners to feel confident and in control of their home. We want to help you keep your home running smoothly, all the time. We aren’t insurance. We provide plans for people with home systems and appliances they’d like to keep in working order, regardless of their age or condition. Whether you've lived in your home for years, or are buying or selling a home, we’ve got a plan that will meet your specific needs.

    P 888.429.8247

  • First American Home Warranty

    A First American home warranty is a renewable yearly service contract that protects a home’s systems and appliances from unexpected repair or replacement costs due to a break down. Homeowners insurance does not typically cover for mechanical failures, so a home warranty can help bridge the gap. We've been a home warranty leader for more than 35 years. We've got you covered.

    P 888.875.0533

  • America‚Äôs 1st Choice Home Club

    America’s 1st Choice Home Club was founded by a group of service-oriented people with extensive experience in the field of home protection plans.

    Our company was created to provide affordable, comprehensive protection against the high cost of repair or replacement of properly maintained major systems and appliances.

    With home repair costs going higher every year and family budgets being stretched further and further, the last thing any family needs is an outrageous home repair bill, and no way to know if tomorrow will bring another surprise. With our team of highly trained service center representatives along with A+ technicians, we promise to always get you a prompt solution to your home’s needs. Not only do we offer the choice of using your favorite local service provider, AFC has an extensive network of providers on our own. We will always put your needs first.

    P 844.990.0293

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