At City Living Detroit, our agents strive to do more than move people into new houses. We want to help create communities of excited and engaged citizens who are inspired to participate in the rebirth of Detroit by making their house a home.  This process begins by finding you the right home in the part of town that’s right for you. To accomplish this, we created a philosophy called P.I.E.

First, we showcase the PASSION-points of a community. We listen to what kind of personalized Detroit experience you’re looking for, then take you through the neighborhoods that best match your preferences. We show you the schools, restaurants, parks and other landmarks that will become part of your new daily routine.

Then, using the latest INNOVATIONS in the real estate industry, we EDUCATE you on the best housing options available in your chosen neighborhood. Tapping into the most current data and our own first hand knowledge, we take you through the listings and sales trends to identify the perfect home and advise you on the right offer to make. Finally, we’ll work with you at closing to make the purchase process as smooth as possible, so you move in satisfied, reassured and excited about your new home in Detroit.

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By positioning ourselves as the experts in Detroit real estate, we have come to learn the aspirations and concerns of potential buyers as well as how best to address those concerns. When you list your home with us, we use this knowledge to help you market your property as effectively and efficiently as possible.

To start the selling process, our agents develop a unique marketing plan for your property that tells its story and expresses its personality in the most appealing way possible.  We walk through your space with you, point out the strongest selling features and capture them with customized visuals that best highlight these attributes.

Then, using the latest technological advancements and our network of clients and agents, we target potential buyers. With our track record and focus, we’re often the first resource prospects turn to when they are looking to move to Detroit, which allows us to deliver buyers quicker than anyone else.

Finally, after we find an interested buyer, we guide you through the negotiation and closing processes until you are completely satisfied with your sales experience.

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Whether it’s the rise of a new glass tower or the renovation of a classic brick structure, at City Living Detroit we get inspired when we see new growth taking place in town. That’s why we go above and beyond everyone else when it comes to helping developers meet their sales and leasing goals. From the pre-development stages on, City Living Detroit has the expertise in marketing and selling urban focused projects.

We know you’re making a huge investment; City Living Detroit will assist you by developing a strategic plan for your development based on current market conditions to ensure your project is competitive and exceeds expectations. With each project, our objective is to deliver the greatest return on investment to developers and inspire further redevelopment in Detroit.


Site selection
Market Analysis and Strategic Positioning
Architect and Designer Recommendations
Floor Plan Analysis and Design Review
Consolation and Recommendations on Finishes
Recommendations on Development Amenities



Development of the Marketing and Advertising Strategy
Managing the Design and Production of Sales Materials
Social Media Strategy
Manage Public Relations Consultants and Campaigns
Identity and Brand Consulting



Pre-Construction Sales
Grand Opening Planning
Pricing Strategy
Special Events
On and Off Site Representation
Sales Team Management
Broker Outreach
Sales Status Reports
Event Management
Development Close-Out
Development Repositioning


What we bring to your project:

Experienced, Dedicated, Sales Agents
Extensive Knowledge of Detroit
Excellent Reputation
Community Involvement

For additional information about our new development services for developers, contact Austin Black II at or 313.550.2307.


broker referrals

At City Living Detroit our focus is on making Detroit home to the people and families who will build the Detroit of tomorrow. We know the neighborhoods, the buildings, the developments, and the lifestyle amenities our target is looking for. Whether you’re an agent that specializes in the suburbs or an out of state agent with a client who is interested in purchasing property in Detroit, City Living Detroit will partner with you for both listings and sales in the areas we specialize, in a way that benefits every party.