Builders & General Contractors

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  • West Village Construction

    Based in Detroit, MI. We are a full-service general contractor specializing in the restoration of historic homes. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, as well as knowledge of materials and practices, new and old.

    Dustin Zentz

    P 313.300.2676


  • The Blake Company

    90 Kercheval Avenue, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

    Chris Blake

    P 313.570.1550


  • Templeton Building Company


    735 Forest Avenue, Birmingham, MI 48009

    Ben Templeton

    P 248.642.5330


  • Kastler Construction

    425 S Main Street, Clawson, MI 48017

    Rick Kastler

    P 248.655.5580


  • Terry Swafford, Inc.

    Swafford Building Workshop features full, in-house design, highly refined craftsmanship, and complete project management. The focus is on historic restorative repairs and customized renovation projects.

    It is our belief that true craftsmanship is an art form and good design is often felt before it is noticed, but you certainly notice when form fails to follow natural function. Historic renovation projects can often be complex, and solutions to some of the problems that come up require critical thinking as well as the skills in critical making. Both the design and proper implementation of the design are critical to success.

    With buildings of a certain vintage, one can expect to find various renovations that have taken place over the years. These updates can often undo better engineering, creating the need for future updates.

    Historic Renovation provides an alternative to this industry norm in that it requires careful consideration of a building’s original function/ aesthetic as well as the long-term enjoyment of the product. Upgrading for modern amenities is one thing that good architecture can accommodate without disrupting the proper circulation of a home and without having to sacrifice design cohesion.

    In this way, one can have a tailor-made space to order that both improves property value and quality of life.

    “Historic Preservation is the single-most effective urban design tool.”

    Terry Swafford

    P 773.655.2951


  • United Building Service Co.

    2870 Hilton Road, Ferndale, MI 48220

    P 248.548.4208

  • Williams Historic Restoration Inc.

    35741 Jolaine Ct, Richmond, MI 48062

    Matt Williams

    P 586.430.4381


  • W Home Renovations Inc.

    John Weted

    P 586.630.1110


  • Greenleaf Home Service

    Ryan Kaplan

    P 248.325.8860


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